The siskins have gone and come back again!

It has been an interesting winter on the bird feeders with the usual range of tits and finches overthrown by a gang of siskins. From February until last week we had at least 40 of these feisty little birds take over the feeders. Neither bullfinch nor great tit was safe from these little brawlers as they dominated the sunflower heart feeders.

Then overnight they disappeared, back to the breeding woods in the hills. The goldfinches came out of hiding along with the bramblings and chaffinches. Normality returned.

Today a single pair of siskins arrived at the feeders. Now they may just be a late pair that were overwintering by the coast and taking a break en route or they may have decided that some of the local conifer plantations are suitable enough for nesting. In any case it’s a pleasure to see them again.